Nutrapharm is able to manufacture a range of different dosage forms in their cGMP compliant facility. Nutrapharm only manufactures in HVAC controlled cleanrooms with dedicated dehumidified manufacturing facilities for effervescent manufacturing and other moisture sensitive products. This enables Nutrapharm to produce product of the highest quality at efficient lead times minimising the risk of any product cross-contamination.

Product Dosage Forms
Tablets: Hard-Pressed
Capsules: Size #0 and 00 (Veg or Gelatine)
Liquids: Tinctures
Western Medicines
Product Dosage Forms
Tablets: Effervescent,Chewable,Hard-Pressed,Sweeteners
Capsules: Size #0 and 00 (Veg or Gelatine)
Liquids: Tinctures, Syrups
Powders: Nutritional Shakes, Meal replacements,Supplements
Sachet: Granule,Powder,Particle & Tea
Blister Packing

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